We won DELISH AWARD - 6 Best Dog Treats Of 2021 – Bark Bistro
We won DELISH AWARD - 6 Best Dog Treats Of 2021 - Bark Bistro

We won DELISH AWARD - 6 Best Dog Treats Of 2021

We won DELISH AWARD - 6 Best Dog Treats Of 2021


We all need a good snack now and then, whether it's because we have been working hard toward a goal or because we're just really damn hungry. Your pet is no exception. This list is filled with treats that are good for their teeth, their training progress, and so much more.

True Instinct Bites With Venison Dog Treats
Purina ONEpurina.com

Under 2.5 calories per treat, these are the perfect size for training your pup. There are 200 treats per bag, which means these should last much longer than a two-hour-long training session. PurinaOne’s main ingredient is venison and is produced in the USA, which means if there are recalls on any ingredients, you will be notified ASAP.

Stewart Pro-Treat Beef Liver Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats
Stewart Pro-Treatchewy.com

These come in a huge tub size which, as previously mentioned, is ideal for training (those tiny bags barely last a full one-hour session). These, however, are considered a high-reward treat for most dogs, which is perfect when you’re working on harder tricks.

Pork & Chicken Jerky Sticks For Dogs
Shiny Pawshinypaw.com

These treats are not only delicious (say our Digital Director's dogs), but they're also free of fillers, grains, preservatives, additives, gluten, and GMOs. You're promised pork and chicken and that's exactly what you get. 

Smart Smiles Original Flavor Dog Dental Treats

Per another Delish editor: "My dog loves them and they actually help her breath! The texture of them help scrub the teeth as she’s eating them and they are chewy which helps her not scarf them down."

Buddy Budder Peanut Butter Lickable Dog Treats
Bark Bistro Companychewy.com

Yes, peanut butter for dogs exists. Made with just unsalted peanuts and honey, each jar is free of common ingredients found in the everyday stuff, like hydrogenated and palm oils, high fructose corn syrup, stabilizers, and xylitol. Load it up in a Kong or use it to bake your pup a birthday cake.


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