Pampered Pups w/ Bark Bistro & Atlantic Beach Hotel & Spa
Pampered Pups w/ Bark Bistro & Atlantic Beach Hotel & Spa - Bark Bistro

Pampered Pups w/ Bark Bistro & Atlantic Beach Hotel & Spa

Pampered Pups w/ Bark Bistro & Atlantic Beach Hotel & Spa

Bark Bistro partnered with the Atlantic Beach Hotel & Spa to bring a new experience for local and traveling dog lovers! Now, your pooch can enjoy dining at the restaurant and order room service off the Bark Bites menu! 

National Dog Day is this Sunday. The Atlantic Hotel & Spa in Fort Lauderdale is celebrating the holiday — but they don’t need a special day to get your pup’s tail wagging. Because at this hotel, your pet is invited all the time, and the VIP treatment is as good as it gets.

OK, so some places don’t accept dogs but this hotel is welcoming pups with open paws.

Blanka Dewapura, The Atlantic Hotel & Spa: “We at The Atlantic Hotel and Spa love dogs.”

The Atlantic Hotel on A1A loves dogs so much, they’ve created a service that caters to your four-legged friends. It’s called the VID program — for “very important dogs.”

Blanka Dewapura: “It’s literally just designated to dog lovers and their individual pooches.”

Your pooch gets a welcome bag when you check in.

Blanka Dewapura: “In the bag is a dog menu.”

Yup. Your pet can enjoy in-room dining just like you do. The “Bark Bites” room service menu features gourmet dog food courtesy of Bark Bistro, which is based in South Florida.

Tamara Coleman, The Atlantic Hotel & Spa: “We just believe in transparency. We want to offer real food, real ingredients for your very real furry friend.”

Bark Bistro serves food in three flavors.

Tamara Coleman: “We currently have turkey, chicken and beef.”

All of which are offered at the Atlantic.

Tamara Coleman: “It’s $12 for a 16-ounce bag.”

That’ll please your puppy — especially since someone else is doing all the fetching. You call room service, and in minutes you’ll have a knock at your door.

Hotel employee: “I have the chicken quinoa for Benson.”

The hotel’s resident dog, Benson, can’t get enough — and neither can his owner.

Bill Beckett, Benson’s owner: “It’s so handy to be able to call on the phone and have somebody bring up food for your dog. He cleaned the bowl.”

And just like Benson, your four-legged friends can chow down. The grub even has the seal of approval from a Real Housewife of Miami and her two furry friends.

Marysol Patton, Real Housewife of Miami: “They’re fans of the food, so if they love it and they’re eating, then I’m happy.”


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