Why Dog Enrichment is Important for Dogs

June 03, 2023 by Tamara Coleman

Introduction: Why are enrichment toys are important for dogs: Dogs are intelligent and curious animals that need mental stimulation to be happy and healthy. Enrichment toys provide a fun and engaging way for dogs to use their brains and stay entertained. Benefits of Dog Enrichment: There's different types of enrichment toys: There are many different types of enrichment toys available, including puzzle toys, treat-dispensing toys, and chew toys. Each type of toy serves a different purpose and can provide different benefits for your dog assisting in stress, anxiety, and boredom which can provide hours of entertainment and mental stimulation for your dog....

Best Flavor Variety: Bark Bistro Buddy Budder Review

May 21, 2023 by Tamara Coleman

Bark Bistro’s Buddy Budder is a lip-smacking favorite for pups and their owners. This all-natural, xylitol-free brand (made in the USA) comes in seven different recipes. It’s most basic offering, Ruff Ruff Raw, contains only dry-roasted unsalted peanuts and a dash of wildflower honey. With clean non-GMO ingredients and lower calories than many other peanut butters, it’s an excellent treat for your pup. Other recipes start with those two main ingredients and add tasty and healthy boosters, such as air-dried pumpkin, organic bananas, chia seeds, a blend of antioxidant-rich berries, and much more. They even have bacon peanut butter. Read...

Of The Most Popular Pet Products On Amazon, These 42 Are Seriously Worth The Hype

December 04, 2022 by Tamara Coleman

Having a pet can be a seriously rewarding experience. You have a furry friend that keeps you company, provides you with endless laughs, and eagerly waits for you to get home. But taking care of your pet can have its challenges, which is why I’ve rounded up a list of pet products on Amazon that are seriously worth the hype. If you’re a dog owner looking to provide your pooch with some extra mental and physical stimulation, this list is stocked with innovative toys that encourage natural, healthy behavior. For example, there’s an aerodynamic Frisbee that’ll give your dog a...