February 14, 2020 by Tamara Coleman

Nothing screams love like Valentines Day!!! Spread the the love like peanut butter with your pets and spoil them on VALENTINES DAY aka PAWLENTINES DAY. 

@thecato_adventures (instagram) mom shared this amazing recipe below ....





Sugar free carob chips

Any flavor buddy budder



Start by melting the carob chips the same way you’d melt chocolate. Carob is a little difficult to melt and can burn easily.

Take one cup of carob chips with one tablespoon of buddy budder, and mix together. This helps the carob melt and not burn as easily. For this step I used pumpkin pup flavor buddy budder.


If melting in the microwave, heat up in 30 second increments and constantly stir to avoid burning carob. If carob is still too thick once melted, keep adding small amounts of buddy budder until you get the consistency of melted chocolate.

Next take any silicone mold, I used heart shaped ones for Valentine’s Day.

Fill bottom of mold with carob, this will be the first layer of the treat.

Place molds in refrigerator to cool and slightly harden.

Now for the second layer, I used barking banana flavor buddy budder.

Take three tablespoons of buddy budder and warm in microwave. This makes it easier to scoop into molds.

After about 10 minutes remove mold from refrigerator and spoon buddy budder on top of carob. Make sure to leave enough room in the mold for the third and final layer of melted carob.

Once all three layers are in mold, freeze over night.

The next day remove treats from molds and serve to your pup!

Please remember this is a treat, not intended as a meal.